The following list contains links to websites
that are either completed or are in progress.

(click thumbnails to view websites)

Jorge Mynor Tree Service
This was done for a tree service
A &M Landscaping
This was done for a landscaper
New Steam Engine
I recently created this website for an inventor.
Transparent Leader
This is a redesign of a site for an author and speaker.
Cornerstone COunseling
This site was created from scratch for a counselor.
Speaking Success
This was a recent major overhaul for a motivational speaker/trainer.
Food Addicts Anonymous
I took over maintenance for this site and continue to make changes to it.
Nifty Ad
I have taken over maintenance for this site and worked on an overhaul of it.
Wiseman Boxers
I created this site for a dog breeder.
Full Perspective
I completely redesigned this site for a design contractor.
Fear Not

This is the second website I have developed for an author.

(Note: The owner of this has let it expire)

Put Old on Hold
I have made numerous changes to this site for a motivational speaker and author.
Magic Beyond Imagination
I have made major changes to this website for a magician and am currently maintaining it.
Island Brush and Roll Painting
This website was created for a house painter.
This website was for a real estate office. (Note: The owner of this site has let it expire. What you are looking at here is a demo. The design here was well done (IMHO ... o;} ...) and there are numerous features to be viewed)
 Renees Boxers
I made numerous changes to and currently maintain this website that belongs to a dog breeder.
 Capital Projects
This website is for a provider of military maintenance solutions
 Snore No More
This website was designed for a book author. (Note: the author has since let this site expire)
Barb Sanfilippo
I continue to make modifications to this site as well.
 STA Reunion
This website is for my grammar school alumni association. I have been maintaining it for some time for free. I change the background periodically depending on the season. (I'm in the class of 1963, in case you're interested...) 

 Jim Sanfilippo
This is my old personal website. There is not too much to show, although I did dabble a little bit with Macromedia Flash here for the first time. I also have a page here dedicated to my father, who passed away in 2001.

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